Miller Center

Griffin B. Bell

Speaker: Griffin B Bell
Date: March 23, 1988

Griffin Bell talks about his longstanding relationship with Jimmy Carter and his tenure as Attorney General. The interview begins with Bell's interactions with Carter prior to the 1976 presidential race. He discusses some general topics on the administration, such as the Cabinet and staff selection process, and Carter's problems with the Democratic Party and the Washington establishment. Bell then describes his responsibilities as Attorney General and some issue areas he was most closely involved in, such as foreign intelligence and testifying to Congress. He also comments briefly on a series of topics relating to his tenure as Attorney General, including staffing decisions, judicial selection boards, Carter's approach to the Justice Department, and an historical critique of the Attorney General's office since World War II. Finally, Bell evaluates the performance of the Carter White House Staff, where he is critical of its disorganization and internal conflict, and suggests transferring power from the White House back to the Cabinet departments.

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