Miller Center

Robert Bergland

Speaker: Robert Bergland
Date: November 21, 1986

Robert Bergland evaluates the record of the Carter administration and his four years as Secretary of Agriculture. The interview begins with an informal conversation between Bergland and the interview team on agriculture policy. Next, Bergland engages in a substantive discussion on the policies, processes, and key members of the Carter administration. He gives his perspective on a range of issues, including the White House Staff, cabinet relations, and congressional affairs. Bergland describes Carter's management and decision-making style, what role his faith and his reputation as a Washington outsider played in this style, and Carter's involvement in the formulation of agriculture policy. A number of specific policy areas and Bergland's role in the formulation of these policies are examined, including deregulation, price supports, energy, conservation, and the food stamp program. Finally, Bergland offers a retrospective look at the Carter years and its accomplishments, and his assessment of President Reagan and the policy record of his administration's first six years in office.

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