Miller Center

Session 3

Speaker: Lloyd Cutler
Date: July 10, 2003

In this final interview session, Cutler covers his work from the Carter administration up to 2003. He begins by tying up some loose ends from the previous sessions, explaining his role in the Rainbow Warrior Greenpeace case, a case with the Rolling Stones, and other interesting legal work. He comments on Carter’s relationship with the Washington establishment and his own relationship with Congress. He then discusses broadly the roles and function of the White House Counsel during the Carter years, interactions with other legal offices, and some of the key issues he worked on (SALT, judicial selection, Iran, and the 1980 campaign). He moves next to his work during the Reagan and Bush administrations, covering his service on the Scowcroft Commission, on the Buckley and Synar cases, and on the nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court. Finally, Cutler describes his legal work after the Clinton administration, especially on the Federal Election Reform commission and at his private practice. He comments on a variety of random issues, such as the independent counsel statute and the Clinton impeachment, throughout the session. The interview concludes with Cutler’s reflections on his own career successes and failures, and assessments of key figures in American politics during the 20th Century.