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Bertram Carp

Bertram  Carp Bertram Carp

Speakers: Bertram Carp, David Rubenstein
Date: March 6, 1982

Bert Carp and David Rubenstein trace their work on the Domestic Policy Staff and examine the policymaking process of the Carter White House. The session begins with Carp and Rubenstein each recalling how they came to join the White House staff and their broad roles and responsibilities in the Office of Domestic Policy. They discuss the first year policy agenda and the problems the administration faced in gaining congressional support of these policies. They then describe broadly how policy was formulated in the Carter White House, how options were presented to Carter, and how proposals were sold to Congress. Carp and Rubenstein detail their relations with other White House offices, Cabinet secretaries, members of Congress, and interest groups. They also outline the organization of the White House staff, specifically the Domestic Policy Office and the debate over the Chief of Staff position. Carter himself is examined in detail – his personality, operating style, relations with Congress and the White House staff. The interview concludes with a discussion of the 1980 presidential campaign, and their thoughts on the successes and failures of the Carter presidency.