Miller Center

Charles Kirbo

Speaker: Charles Kirbo
Date: January 5, 1983
Charles Kirbo discusses his role as a close friend and key advisor to Jimmy Carter from his 1966 run for the Georgia governorship through his four years as president. Kirbo uses the entire interview to describe his position as an outside advisor to Carter throughout his political career and his perspectives on the inner-workings of the Carter White House. He examines the personalities and contributions of several top administration officials, including Hamilton Jordan, Stuart Eizenstat, Jody Powell, and Bert Lance. He also talks about his role in staffing the White House and the Cabinet, his own decision not to join the administration as Chief of Staff, the disconnect between perception and reality in the Carter presidency, and the 1980 presidential election. Finally, Kirbo offers an intimate portrait of Carter the individual, whom he describes as intelligent, determined, thorough, a principled conservative, and a man who has changed little since they first met in 1962.