Miller Center

Philip Klutznick

Speaker: Philip Klutznick
Date: October 2, 1986

Philip Klutznick examines his role in the Carter administration as Secretary of Commerce and an advisor to President Carter on foreign policy in the Middle East. He begins with a brief overview of his involvement in Middle East policy prior to 1976 and how he became involved in the administration's dealings with Jewish leaders and the state of Israel. He details Secretary of State Vance's work on the peace accord, and how the White House and National Security Council responded to the State Department's efforts. Klutznick also assesses Carter's role in the peace process, with a focus on his negotiating and communications skills. He discusses his continuing role as an advisor to President Carter on Israel policy and a liaison to the Jewish community even after becoming Commerce Secretary. Klutznick concludes by assessing his relationship with other Cabinet members, and some general thoughts on the relationship between the Cabinet and the White House Staff.