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Lyndon B. Johnson—December 1965

Below are audio files of Lyndon Johnson’s telephone conversations from December, 1965. Return to the Johnson Presidential Recordings page for other months or years. The Johnson Presidential Library hosts a searchable online database that can be used to search the over 6,000 conversations currently available.

To delve more deeply into the secret White House recordings, please consult the Miller Center’s Presidential Recordings Program, where you will find more information about the White House recordings and the ongoing efforts to transcribe them.

December 1, 1965

9301—Richard Daley (WH6512.01) WAV MP3
9303—Arthur Goldberg (WH6512.01) WAV MP3
9304—William Beverly Murphy (WH6512.01) WAV MP3

December 2, 1965

9305—Robert McNamara (WH6512.01) WAV MP3

December 3, 1965

9306—McGeorge Bundy (WH6512.01) WAV MP3
9307—McGeorge Bundy (WH6512.01) WAV MP3
9308—McGeorge Bundy (WH6512.01) WAV MP3
9309—Henry "Joe" Fowler (WH6512.02) WAV MP3
9310—Henry "Joe" Fowler (WH6512.02) WAV MP3
9311—Nicholas Katzenbach (WH6512.02) WAV MP3

December 8, 1965

9312—Dean Rusk (WH6512.02) WAV MP3
9313—Robert McNamara (WH6512.02) WAV MP3

December 11, 1965

9314—McGeorge Bundy (WH6512.02) WAV MP3
9317—Dean Rusk (WH6512.03) WAV MP3

December 13, 1965

9319—Marvin Watson? (WH6512.03) WAV MP3
9320—Charles Murphy (WH6512.03) WAV MP3

December 16, 1965

9321—Marvin Watson? (WH6512.03) WAV MP3
9322—McGeorge Bundy (WH6512.03) WAV MP3

December 17, 1965

9324—Mike Mansfield (WH6512.03) WAV MP3

December 18, 1965

9325—Nicholas Katzenbach (WH6512.03) WAV MP3

December 20, 1965

9326—Robert McNamara (WH6512.03) WAV MP3

December 22, 1965

9327—Robert McNamara (WH6512.04) WAV MP3

December 24, 1965

9328—McGeorge Bundy (WH6512.04) WAV MP3
9329—Richard Daley (WH6512.04) WAV MP3
9330—Hubert Humphrey (WH6512.04) WAV MP3
9331—McGeorge Bundy (WH6512.04) WAV MP3
9332—Warren Magnuson (WH6512.04) WAV MP3
9333—Mr. Farley (WH6512.04) WAV MP3
9334—Dean Rusk (WH6512.04) WAV MP3
9336—McGeorge Bundy (WH6512.04) WAV MP3

December 25, 1965

9337—McGeorge Bundy (WH6512.05) WAV MP3

December 27, 1965

9338—McGeorge Bundy (WH6512.05) WAV MP3
9339—Maxwell Taylor (WH6512.05) WAV MP3
9341—McGeorge Bundy (WH6512.05) WAV MP3
9343—Henry "Joe" Fowler (WH6512.05) WAV MP3

December 28, 1965

9344—Averell Harriman (WH6512.05) WAV MP3
9345—Arthur Goldberg (WH6512.05) WAV MP3

December 30, 1965

9346—Lester Pearson (WH6512.06) WAV MP3

December 31, 1965

9347—Unidentified Male (WH6512.06) WAV MP3
9348—Dean Rusk (WH6512.06) WAV MP3
9349—Bill Moyers (WH6512.06) WAV MP3
9350—Dean Rusk (WH6512.06) WAV MP3
9351—Bill Moyers (WH6512.06) WAV MP3
9352—Robert McNamara (WH6512.06) WAV MP3