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Lyndon B. Johnson—July 1967

Below are audio files of Lyndon Johnson’s telephone conversations from July, 1967. Return to the Johnson Presidential Recordings page for other months or years. The Johnson Presidential Library hosts a searchable online database that can be used to search the over 6,000 conversations currently available.

To delve more deeply into the secret White House recordings, please consult the Miller Center’s Presidential Recordings Program, where you will find more information about the White House recordings and the ongoing efforts to transcribe them.

12002 (WH6707.01) MP3 WAV
12003 (WH6707.01) MP3 WAV
12004 (WH6707.01) MP3 WAV
12005 (WH6707.01) MP3 WAV
12006 (WH6707.01) MP3 WAV
12007 (WH6707.01) MP3 WAV
12008 (WH6707.01) MP3 WAV
12009 (WH6707.01) MP3 WAV