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Lyndon B. Johnson—March 1968

Below are audio files of Lyndon Johnson's telephone conversations from February, 1968. Return to the Johnson Presidential Recordings page for other months or years. The Johnson Presidential Library hosts a searchable online database that can be used to search the over 6,000 conversations currently available.

To delve more deeply into the secret White House recordings, please consult the Miller Center's Presidential Recordings Program, where you will find more information about the White House recordings and the ongoing efforts to transcribe them.

March 5, 1968

12801—James Rowe (WH6803.01) WAV MP3

March 7, 1968

12802—Richard Russell (WH6803.01) WAV MP3
12803—Richard Russell (WH6803.01) WAV MP3

March 8, 1968

12804—Dean Rusk (WH6803.01) WAV MP3

March 11, 1968

12805—Eugene Black (WH6803.01) WAV MP3

March 12, 1968

12806—Everett Dirksen (WH6803.01) WAV MP3
12807—Everett Dirksen (WH6803.01) WAV MP3

March 13, 1968

12808—Richard Daley (WH6803.02) WAV MP3
12809—Mike Mansfield (WH6803.02) WAV MP3
12810—Richard Daley (WH6803.02) WAV MP3
12811—Richard Daley (WH6803.02) WAV MP3
12812—Richard Daley (WH6803.02) WAV MP3
12813—Richard Daley (WH6803.02) WAV MP3
12814—Richard Daley (WH6803.02) WAV MP3

March 15, 1968

12817—Richard Daley (WH6803.02) WAV MP3

March 17, 1968

12818—Roger Branigin (WH6803.02) WAV MP3
12819—Henry "Joe" Fowler (WH6803.02) WAV MP3
12820—Machine Noise (WH6803.02) WAV MP3

March 18, 1968

12821—George Mahon (WH6803.03) WAV MP3

March 19, 1968

12823—Terry Sanford (WH6803.03) WAV MP3

March 20, 1968

12824—Walter Reuther (WH6803.03) WAV MP3
12825—Walter Reuther (WH6803.03) WAV MP3
12826—Clark Clifford (WH6803.03) WAV MP3
12827—Telephone Operator (WH6803.03) WAV MP3

March 22, 1968

12828—Sargent Shriver (WH6803.03) WAV MP3
12829—Sargent Shriver (WH6803.03) WAV MP3
12830—Richard Russell (WH6803.03) WAV MP3
12831—Mendel Rivers (WH6803.03) WAV MP3
12832—Mendel Rivers (WH6803.03) WAV MP3
12833—Mendel Rivers (WH6803.03) WAV MP3

March 23, 1968

12834—Earle Wheeler (WH6803.03) WAV MP3
12835—Richard Daley (WH6803.03) WAV MP3
12836—Willard Wirtz (WH6803.04) WAV MP3
12837—Willard Wirtz (WH6803.04) WAV MP3
12838—Henry Wilson (WH6803.04) WAV MP3
12839—Larry O'Brien (WH6803.04) WAV MP3
12840—Larry O'Brien (WH6803.04) WAV MP3
12841—Larry O'Brien (WH6803.04) WAV MP3

March 24, 1968

12842—Dean Rusk (WH6803.05) WAV MP3
12843—Arthur Goldberg (WH6803.05) WAV MP3
12844—Henry "Joe" Fowler (WH6803.05) WAV MP3
12845—Henry "Joe" Fowler (WH6803.05) WAV MP3
12846—Henry "Joe" Fowler (WH6803.05) WAV MP3
12847—Henry "Joe" Fowler (WH6803.05) WAV MP3
12848—Wilbur Mills (WH6803.05) WAV MP3

March 27, 1968

12850—Terry Sanford (WH6803.05) WAV MP3
12851—Telephone Repairman (WH6803.05) WAV MP3

March 31, 1968

12852—Clark Clifford (WH6803.06) WAV MP3
12853—Abigail McCarthy (WH6803.06) WAV MP3
12854—Willard Wirtz (WH6803.06) WAV MP3
12855—Bill Moyers (WH6803.06) WAV MP3
12856—John Sparkman (WH6803.06) WAV MP3
12857—Frank Stanton (WH6803.06) WAV MP3
12858—Arthur Goldberg (WH6803.06) WAV MP3
12859—Nelson Rockefeller (WH6803.06) WAV MP3