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Lyndon B. Johnson—April 1968

Below are audio files of Lyndon Johnson's telephone conversations from April, 1968. Return to the Johnson Presidential Recordings page for other months or years. The Johnson Presidential Library hosts a searchable online database that can be used to search the over 6,000 conversations currently available.

To delve more deeply into the secret White House recordings, please consult the Miller Center's Presidential Recordings Program, where you will find more information about the White House recordings and the ongoing efforts to transcribe them.

April 1, 1968

12901—William Fulbright (WH6804.01) WAV MP3

April 2, 1968

April 3, 1968

12903—Mike Mansfield (WH6804.01) WAV MP3
12904—William Knowland (WH6804.01) WAV MP3
12905—Richard Daley (WH6804.01) WAV MP3
12906—Clark Clifford (WH6804.01) WAV MP3

April 4, 1968

12908—Ivan Allen (WH6804.01) WAV MP3

April 6, 1968

12909—John Stennis (WH6804.01) WAV MP3
12910—Richard Daley (WH6804.01) WAV MP3
12911—Richard Daley (WH6804.01) WAV MP3
12912—Ramsey Clark (WH6804.01) WAV MP3
12913—Cyrus Vance (WH6804.01) WAV MP3
12914—Cyrus Vance (WH6804.01) WAV MP3

April 11, 1968

12917—Averell Harriman (WH6804.01) WAV MP3

April 12, 1968

12918—Walter Reuther (WH6804.01) WAV MP3

April 19, 1968

12919—Richard Daley (WH6804.01) WAV MP3

April 23, 1968

12920—Robert Murphy (WH6804.02) WAV MP3

April 24, 1968

12921—Robert Murphy (WH6804.02) WAV MP3
12922—Hubert Humphrey (WH6804.02) WAV MP3
12923—Eugene Black (WH6804.02) WAV MP3
12924—Eugene Black (WH6804.02) WAV MP3
12925—Eugene Black (WH6804.02) WAV MP3

April 25, 1968

12927—George Ball (WH6804.02) WAV MP3
12928—George Ball (WH6804.02) WAV MP3
12929—Machine Noise (WH6804.02) WAV MP3
12935—Unidentified Female (WH6804.02) WAV MP3
12936—Telephone Operator (WH6804.02) WAV MP3
12937—John A. Baker (WH6804.02) WAV MP3

April 27, 1968

12938—Joseph Califano (WH6804.03) WAV MP3
12939—Joseph Califano (WH6804.03) WAV MP3

April 28, 1968

12940—Earle Wheeler (WH6804.03) WAV MP3
12941—Richard Daley (WH6804.03) WAV MP3

April 30, 1968

12942—Dean Rusk (WH6804.03) WAV MP3
12943—Unknown (WH6804.03) WAV MP3
12944—John McCloy (WH6804.03) WAV MP3