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Richard Nixon—June 1972

Below are audio files of Richard Nixon’s conversations from June, 1972. Return to the Nixon Presidential Recordings page for other months or years. To delve more deeply into the secret White House recordings, please consult the Miller Center’s Presidential Recordings Program, where you will find more information about the White House recordings and the ongoing efforts to transcribe them.

White House Telephone

Tape 25

Part 1 (025a) MP3 WAV FLAC
Part 2 (025b) MP3 WAV FLAC
Part 3 (025c) MP3 WAV FLAC
Part 4 (025d) MP3 WAV FLAC

Tape 26

Part 1 (026a) MP3 WAV FLAC
Part 2 (026b) MP3 WAV FLAC

Cabinet Room

Tape 103

Camp David Study Table

Tape 138

Camp David Hard Wire

Tape 196

Tape 197

Tape 198

Old Executive Office Building

Tape 348

Tape 349

Tape 350

Tape 351

Tape 352

Oval Office

Tape 745

Tape 747

Tape 748

Tape 749

Tape 750

Tape 751

Tape 752

Tape 753

Tape 754

Tape 755

Tape 756

Tape 757