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New public events series

Continuing the Miller Center’s 40-year tradition of hosting prominent voices on national and global issues

globe and flag photo illustration
Foreign Affairs
Todd Sechser
Mary Louise Kelly, Michael McFaul, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Stephen M. Walt,
Foreign Affairs
William Antholis
John Podesta, Todd Stern, Deborah Lawrence
The White House against blue
The Presidency
William Antholis
David Marchick, Penny Pritzker, Joshua Bolten, Andrew H. Card, Jr., Denis McDonough, Mack McLarty, Margaret Brennan, Stephen J. Hadley, Lisa Monaco, John Podesta, Barbara A. Perry, Melody Barnes, Alexis Herman, Valerie Jarrett, Karen Hughes, Margaret Spellings, Amy Walter, William Antholis
sky scene with soldier and helicopter
Foreign Affairs
William Antholis
Gina Bennett, Ashley Deeks, Eric Edelman, Seth G. Jones, Carter Malkasian , Stephen D. Mull, Aaron O’Connell, Anne Patterson, William B. Quandt, Marc Selverstone, Allan C. Stam, Stephen Wertheim, Katie Bo Williams, Brantly Womack, Philip Zelikow, Rebecca Zimmerman
19th century photo of the statue of liberty with immigrants looking up at it.
David Leblang
Ilya Somin
"vote matters" sign
Social Issues
Sidney Milkis
Megan Ming Francis, Sidney Tarrow
Chinese-US flags with test tube in gloved hand
Foreign Affairs
Kurt Campbell, Zhu Feng, John M. Owen IV, Todd Sechser, Jessica Chen Weiss
President Lyndon Johnson in the Cabinet Room of the White House on July 31, 1968
The Presidency
William Antholis
John Dickerson
Presidential seal in gold on black background
The Presidency
William Antholis
Saikrishna Prakash
A voter dropping a dollar bill into the ballot box
Economic Issues
Bob Bruner
Keith Hennessey, Isabel Sawhill