Miller Center Presents

New public events series

Continuing the Miller Center’s 40-year tradition of hosting prominent voices on national and global issues

Bill Clinton
The Presidency
Jim Ryan
President Bill Clinton
hands of many colors holding each other
Race and Racism
Sidney Milkis
Larycia Hawkins, Ibram Kendi, Jason Johnson, David Saperstein
buttons and pins that say vote
Larry Sabato
Jamelle Bouie, Chris Matthews, Karl Rove, Amy Walter,
podium at the whitehouse press briefing
Media and the Press
Nicole Hemmer
Don Baer, Dan Bartlett, Ayesha Rascoe
kids reading books
Margot Rogers
Yoni Appelbaum, Kristina Johnson, Derek Mitchell, Dan Twining
stick flags - usa, china, japan
Foreign Affairs
John Dickerson
Madeleine Albright, Stephen Hadley
globe with USA currency overlay
Economic Issues
Susan Glasser
John Negroponte, Bob Rubin
Washington monument
Ann Compton, Barbara Perry
Denis McDonough, Mack McLarty, Andy Card
people dolls on stacks of coin
Social Issues
Larry Terry
Kathleen Sebelius, John Bridgeland, Chris Lu
supreme court and roberts
Supreme Court
Barbara Perry
Joan Biskupic
1960s hippie offering a flower to an MP
Social Issues
Melody Barnes
Arthur C. Brooks, Allan C. Stam
Declaration of Independence with "If we can keep it" written on top in red letters
Bill Antholis
Michael Tomasky
Map of Europe highlighting Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary
Ivan Korčok, Hynek Kmoníček, László Szabó, Piotr Wilczek, Stephen Mull
George Thomas and JFK
The Presidency
Nick Drake, Alfred Reaves, David Throup, Barbara Perry
Corey Booker whispers to Elizabeth Warren; Senator Blumenthal in the foreground
Political Parties and Movements
Nicole Hemmer
Dan Balz, Jennifer Lawless, Chris Lu
Buddhist peace flags on barbed wire
Byoung-Kon Jun, Jae-Jung Suh, Philip Zelikow
President Trump sits in the Oval Office
The Presidency
Sidney Milkis, Michael Nelson, Barbara Perry
Doctors preforming surgery in a dimly lit operating room
Guian McKee
Avik Roy
The Presidency
Barbara Perry
David Woolner
President Obama with a group of children, his arms outstretched
Race and Racism
Melody Barnes, Kevin Gaines, Lauretta Charlton
Barbara Perry
Melody Barnes
Anwar Sadat, President Carter, and Menachem Begin sign Camp David Accords
The Presidency
Stuart Eizenstat, Russell Riley
Nixon on the campaign trail
Domestic Affairs
Marc Selverstone, Guian McKee
Martin Luther King Jr. meeting with LBJ
Political Parties and Movements
Sidney Milkis, Daniel J. Tichenor, Nicole Hemmer
Trump rally with "Make America Great Again" sign
Foreign Affairs
John Negroponte, Stephen Mull
Trump and Xi
American Defense and Security
John Owen
Michael E. O'Hanlon
House of Representatives
David Brady, Tom Davis, Juliet Eilperin, Maggie Haberman, Jennifer Lawless, Chris Lu, John McLaughlin, Doug Rivers, Marc Short, Dina Titus, Michael Franc, Sid Milkis
Wind farm
Energy and the Environment
Martin O'Malley, Jonathan Cannon
a link chain of data graphic
Finance and Banking
Chris Lu
Yiorgos Allayannis, Cara LaPointe, Jakub Duda
hidden city in china
Harry Harding, Brantly Womack, William J. Antholis
internal currencies
Finance and Banking
Thomas W. Zeiler, David Leblang
flag and cross
Tim Kaine
Supreme Court building
Supreme Court
Barbara Perry, Saikrishna Prakash, Micah Schwartzman
Kerner Commission
Human Rights and Civil Rights
Douglas Blackmon
Steven M. Gillon
vietnam orange
Social Issues
Guian McKee, Marc Selverstone
war powers book cover
Bill Antholis
Sen. Tim Kaine
miller center in blue and orange
The Presidency
Brian Balogh
E. J. Dionne, Peter Wehner
Social Issues
Guian McKee
Bruce Katz, Richard C. Schragger