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February 05, 2017

Brian Balogh and Gary Gallagher

The current political environment is rife with division and frustration across the political spectrum, and a there’s a sense among some that things may be spinning out of control. But are things really that dire? President Abraham Lincoln took office as the country began a terrible civil war. Franklin Delano Roosevelt inherited the greatest economic collapse in our history. Is there anything these and other moments can teach us about today’s America and the critical first months of Donald Trump’s presidency? As a part of the Miller Center's innovative First Year Project, American Forum continues its special series of programs. In this episode we ask if Donald Trump will reunite our divided country. How do great presidents navigate troubled times? Two historians weigh in: Professor Gary Gallagher, a renowned scholar of the Civil War at the University of Virginia, and Brian Balogh, a historian of the role of government in the development of a modern America and a host of public radio’s “BackStory.”

The First Year

First Year 2017: What difficult first years can teach President Trump

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