Ukraine soldiers

Four Myths About Ukraine That Are Actually Wrong

Two years after Russia invaded, new myths have taken hold, writes Eric Edelman

Shield of the Republic

What Happens If the House Fails in Its Obligation

On the Shield of the Republic podcast, Eric Edelman bemoans the death/murder of Alexei Navalny

Black History Month

Black History Month

Miller Center events and exhibits to explore the African American experience


'A World Safe for Commerce'

Dale Copeland's new book shows how commerce determines whether America preserves the peace


Toward a more responsible and effective presidency

Dozens of experts participated in the Miller Center's Conference on the American presidency


Miller Center Studies on the Presidency

The Miller Center's special imprint at UVA Press advances scholarship on the American presidency


Miller Center Governing Council

The Miller Center's Governing Council is a diverse board of directors that guides our nonpartisan work on presidential scholarship, public policy, and political history, providing critical insights for the nation's governance challenges.