Edward Kennedy

Edward M. Kennedy: An Oral History

Barbara Perry's new book explores the late senator's remarkable life and career—in his own words

Lawrence Summers

Lessons from the 2008–09 financial crisis

Learn more about the Miller Center's recent event featuring Peter Orszag, Lawrence Summers, and other experts

Reel to reel

From the Secret White House tapes

President Nixon tasked the 'Plumbers' with plugging the leaks revealed by the Pentagon Papers


Rivalry and Reform

A groundbreaking new book by Miller Center scholar Sidney Milkis and Daniel Tichenor

Hillary Trump t-shirts

Winning the 'Cold Civil War'

America has become increasingly red or blue. But Melody Barnes sees a way forward.


PrezFest 2019

Save the date—May 21-23, 2019—for a groundbreaking conference on the state of the American presidency


Critical insights for the nation's governance

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