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James A. Garfield

1831 - 1881

James A. Garfield

…under our institutions there was no middle ground for the negro race between slavery and equal citizenship. There can be no permanent disfranchised peasantry in the United States. Inaugural Address


James A. Garfield is remembered as one of the four "lost presidents" who served rather uneventfully after the Civil War. Of the four lost Presidents—Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, and Harrison—Garfield is best remembered for his dramatic assassination a mere 100 days after he assumed office.

Fast Facts

Orange Township, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Western Reserve Eclectic Institute (now Hiram College), Williams College (graduated 1856)
Disciples of Christ
Teacher, Public Official
November 11, 1858, to Lucretia Rudolph (1832–1918)
Eliza A. (1860–1863), Harry A. (1863–1942), James R. (1865–1950), Mary (1867–1947), Irvin M. (1870–1951), Abram (1872–1958), Edward (1874–1876)
Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio
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