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Highlights from the Miller Center's collections

'But It’s a Pentagon Study, Huh?'

'We’ve Got to Make Progress in This Area'

'When Are You Going to Pass Your Civil Rights?'

'If It’s Signed Today'

'Sign It as Soon as We Could'

'The Destiny of Our Nation Is Involved'

'I’m Here with the Parents of These Boys'

'The Bodies Were Not in the Car'

'This Means Murder'

'What Do You Think Happened to Them?'

'Call the Families'

'The FBI Has Found Three Bodies'

That Sense of Fairness

'A Better Feeling'

'He Liked to Make Decisions'

'Free and Open and Easy Access'

'Not a Bad Record'

'The Road to Disaster'

'I Don’t Think We Do Have to Do It'

'Everybody’ll Say We Did It'

'We’re Not Here Forever'

'Bringing a Thousand Men Home'

'It’s Pretty Horrible to Contemplate'

'You Both Went to the Same Country?'

'They’re Just Not Right Very Often'

'We Have Plans for Withdrawal'

'The Coup in Saigon'

Dispatching the McNamara-Taylor Mission

'John Is Going to Be All Right'

'Love and Prayers'

'The Death of Diem and Nhu'

'A Regular Circus'

'The President Has to Do Something'

'I Can’t Ever Make Phi Beta Kappa'

'I Don't See How He Can Ever Recover'

'We’re on Our Way'

'How Much Money Is Involved?'

'A Cancer within . . . the Presidency'

'If It Blows, It Blows'

The Smoking Gun

'I Really Need a Son of a Bitch'

'You Need a Team'

Horrible Things

'Finance a Little Kennedy Write-In'

'I’d Go with Muskie'

'This Is In Absolute Confidence'

'I Want the Brookings Institute Safe Cleaned Out'

'Hell, They’re Our Enemies'

'Our Track Record’s Pretty Stinky'

'The Jews Are Born Spies'

'Our Strong Suspicion Is It’s Dan Ellsberg'

'A Valentine’s Dinner'

'The Damn Soviets'

'I Can’t Say That Strongly Enough'

'Put the Screws On'

'It Might Be Sunk'

'A Pretty Bad Fix'

'We Can’t Invade Cuba'

'It Will Look Like a Very Fair Trade'

'A Model of Law Enforcement'

'What I’m Really Worrying About'

'He’s Giving Me Lots of Problems'

'OK, Go Ahead'

'That Scares Me'

'He’s a Fool'

'It’ll Hurt Us'

'I Didn’t Say I’d Use Atomic Bombs'

'It Doesn’t Bother Me One Bit'

'Militarily, A Highly Successful Operation'

'Then We’re Really in It All'

'This Minister Is Going to Die, Isn’t He?'

'Don’t Make the Government Fall'

'He Is Absolutely Treacherous'

'He Is a Master Strategist'

'He Ought to Be Removed'

'We Got to Try to Unite the Country'

'I’m Just So Honored'

'We’ve Got to Build That Up'

Better Days

'We’ve Got to Work Our Will'

'A Passion for Anonymity'

'A Very, Very Ambitious Young Man'

'A Better Way to Do It'

'We Have Time to Get Organized'

'I’m Aching All Over'

'It Is a Major Disaster'

'We've Been Talking Enough'

'Y’all Can’t Keep a Secret'

'I’m Not a Hater and a Bigot'

'Modernizing Urban Hospitals'

'It's Poison'

"Find Some of the Top People"

'We Don’t Want Your Damn Water'

'Before It Goes to Hell'

'In Memory of President Kennedy'