CLIP: 6269 Benjamin Spock 11/06/64 12:42P

CLIP: 6269 Benjamin Spock 11/06/64 12:42P

Tape: WH6411.11

Conversation: 6269

Date: November 06, 1964 12:42PM


This is a clip (2:10.5 to 3:28.0). The original full audio can be found here.


Spock: You might interested that on ABC yesterday, we taped a [unclear] half of a half hour bit for Medicare, which ABC is putting on, on Sunday afternoon.

President Johnson: Oh, I’ll watch it. I’ll watch it.

Spock: Going on to the next step.

President Johnson: Do you remember what program it’s on, what they call it?

Spock: It’s something on “Issues”–

President Johnson: Yeah, Answers and IssuesIssues and Answers.

Spock: It’s for Sunday afternoon. You’d be interested – first, they had ex-president Anas of the AMA to take the other half of the program, and when he found that I was going to do the other half, he or the AMA withdrew him. And they said that they didn’t want the country to get the impression that the medical profession was split on this issue. [Johnson laughs] Then they got – ABC got Senator Tower of Texas, and he called them – this was to be taped yesterday afternoon. Then when Tower called up ABC yesterday morning and said that Texas was a shambles, and that he couldn’t come up to do it [both laugh]. So they finally got Congressman Curtis, and he was doing it sometime today – he’s doing the taping today.

President Johnson: Well, that is very, very interesting. I’m so grateful to you for doing it, and I want to thank you again for your wonderful help in the campaign.