Policy Accelerators

Policy Accelerators

The Project on Democracy and Capitalism recruits experts from the University of Virginia and other universities, think tanks, and research institutes to form focused teams dedicated to analyzing and creating tangible policy recommendations for the most pressing issues at the nexus of democracy and capitalism. 

Policy Accelerator teams critically assess data and other evidence over a two-year period, creating research publications and tools that make information easily accessible and useful for policymakers. They also produce substantial policy recommendation white papers, presented at a policy colloquium hosted at the University of Virginia and attended by scholars and policymakers. 

Current Accelerators

Deglobalization Policy Team

The United States has seen varying cycles of global engagement since the 1970s. While some presidents have sought to disengage globally, events such as 9-11 have made that impossible. Other leaders seek to reassert global leadership, yet domestic factors make that challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a turn inwards economically, culturally, socially, and politically, with some wondering whether this turn is reversible. The Deglobalization Policy Team seeks to understand these cycles in global engagement and, ultimately, how they influence strategic priorities across politics, finance, business, technology, and social spheres. 

Meet the Team:

John Owen
Paul Stephan
David Leblang
Jennifer Bair