Political Parties

Political Parties

Political Parties have become an integral part of the U.S. political system. Many parties have risen and fallen throughout the years, today two parties have dominate politics in America, the democrats and the republicans.

Democratic Party

The official website for the Democratic Party.

Republican Party

The official website for the Republican National Committee.

The Directory of U.S. Political Parties

The site lists the major U.S. political parties as well as third parties and unofficial parties (never endorsed a candidate). You will also find links to the various organizations related to each party or organization.

The American Presidency Project

Maintained by the University of California, Santa Barbara, this collection offers documents, records, and multimedia primary sources. In the Document Archive, study historical Political Party Platforms (all major party platforms, 1840-2006).

Political Parties in the Senate

The Senate website offers various links to study to the political party divisions in the Senate.

Some U.S. Third Parties:    
Green Party American Reform Party Independent American Party
Libertarian Party Communist Party U.S.A. Labor Party
U.S. Pacifist Party Socialist Party U.S.A. Prohibition Party