Secret White House Tapes

Meeting with Leonard Hall, Sinclair Weeks and Robert Murray—January 4, 1955

About this recording

  • Leonard Hall
  • Sinclair Weeks
  • Robert Murray
January 4, 1955
Dwight D. Eisenhower meeting with Leonard Hall,
Chairman, Republican National Committee,
11 :10 a.m., 4 January 1955 in the Oval Office
Dwight D. Eisenhower meeting with Sinclair Weeks, Secretary of Commerce
and Robert Murray, Assistant Secretary of Commerce,
3 :15 p.m., 4 January 1955 in the Oval Office
[Dictabelt No. II
Description of Conversation
Recording begins with the conversation in progress . After a brief discussion concerning the dry
weather, Leonard Hall tells DDE that he carne to discuss the Civil Aeronautics Board. DDE
responds "I'm so stick ofthat goddamed body. It must have been doing a horrible job or there
wouldn't be so daraned much fighting."
DDE andHall discuss the Amon Carter's views on Oswald Ryan ofthe CAB. With regard to
Carter, DDE says that he "got two letters from him, sixteen pages long, but I have come to the
conclusion that this fellow, there must be something wrong or he wouldn't be the center ofso
much controversy. Now Amon says the only reasons that he is a center of controversy is because
he has fought to a standstill George Lee, who is taking over the commission." The discussion
then turns to the views ofthe airlines, especially American and Pan-Am, concerning Ryan. They
then discuss several possible replacements for Ryan on the CAB.
DDE and Hall 1 :alk : about Florida politics . DDE complains about supporting candidates that do
not work hard on i :heir own behalf. He says "Now if youjust, ifyouhold them right up to the, if
youhold them up to the standard, I'll have my picture taken with them. I'll do my part ofit .
Damned if I'm going to do my part if the don't. What they think is my part."
There is a long pause and several different voices can be heard. DDE greets Secretary of
Commerce Sinz;la:r Weeks who begins with "When do you want to see about Ryan?" DDE
answers "Every other person who comes in wants to talk about Ryan. I'm so sick of the name
that I could practically choke, but go ahead." Weeks defends Ryan's record as "long and
honorable" and ur,;es DDE not to remove Ryan from the CAB. The role ofthe airlines and
Amon Carter are discussed at some length . The conversation then turns to members of
Congress who are either for or, against Ryan continuing at the CAB.