Civil Rights

Civil Rights


Reporting Civil Rights

The Library of America's Reporting on Civil Rights includes an extensive timeline, important news stories from the era, and a section of reporters' reflections from the period.

Civil Rights Documentation Project

A project sponsored by the Mississippi Humanities Council, the site contains a large Oral History project. Transcripts from the interviews are available online, along with a bibliography and an extensive timeline.

Dirksen Congressional Center's Civil Rights Documentation Project

This site contains a chronological account of the Civil Rights Movement from 1963-1965 and information on major figures in the movement.

Brown v. Board of Education Documents

The National Archives' Brown v. Board of Education section offers documents, interviews, videos, and suggestions for teachers and students.

The Martin Luther King Papers Project

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute displays many of King's papers and correspondence, continues to host speakers and scholars working on issues of the Civil Rights movement, and offers curriculum ideas.

Massive Resistance

In the wake of the Brown decision, some Virginians launched a "Massive Resistance," Virginia's policy to prevent desegregation. This website contains interviews, interactive projects, and various primary documents from the era.

World History Archives: African-American History

This site details various aspects of African-American history in the United States since the 1700s, offering links to other resources, as well as analyses by scholars.

Meet the Dixiecrats

This PBS website explores the politics and economy of "Dixiecrats" and leads a discussion on the issue of states' rights.