The Roaring 1920s

The Roaring 1920s

Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation

Located in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, the Foundation holds this site in part to redress the absence of a Coolidge presidential liberary. The website contains numerous primary and secondary sources on President Coolidge, most notably a full-text database of his speeches. The site also maintains links to other Coolidge related archives.

Coolidge and Consumer Economy (Library of Congress American Memory collections):

Prosperity and Thrift: The Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy, 1921-1929 assembles a wide array of Library of Congress source materials from the 1920s that document the widespread prosperity of the Coolidge years, the nation's transition to a mass consumer economy, and the role of government in this transition.

The Authentic History Center

This diverse collection of primary sources make available a broad tour through U.S. history. Maintained by Michael Barnes, a public school teacher, the 1920s section contains audio of the 1920 election and 1920s era music are featured. Other areas of focus include women's suffrage and the prohibition era.

Newspaper Ads, 1911-1955

The Ad*Access Project, funded by the Duke Endowment “Library 2000” Fund, organized over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines into a database designed for researchers. The database breaks down into five categories: Beauty and Hygiene, Transportation, Radio, Television, and World War II.