Foreign Relations of the United States

These volumes provide all the relevant US government documents focusing on the Vietnam War.

Mt. Holyoke: Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy

This website offers a vast compilation of links relating to US-Vietnam relations, from WWII to the present.

Texas Tech: The Virtual Vietnam Archive

This Archive has an easy to use search engine for access to thousands of documents. There is also an oral history project, a bibliography, and many images.

Conversations with History - Research Galleries

The Institute for International Studies at UC-Berkeley maintains an oral history project with numerous interview categories. Check out the Recalling the Vietnam War section.

Mt. Holyoke: The Pentagon Papers

Read The Pentagon Papers in their entirety.

Vietnam War Declassification Project

In 2000, the Gerald R. Ford Library began this archive of declassified documents from the National Security Advisor files.

The Diem Coup

This section of the National Security Archive relates entirely to JFK and the Diem coup. Documents, articles, and images analyze this event.

The Diggers Archive

The Diggers, an "anarchist guerilla street theater group" from the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, CA, challenged counterculture in the 1960s.