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January 31, 2018

Sally Yates

Hosted by Douglas Blackmon

Barely 10 days into the presidency of Donald Trump, most Americans heard for the first time the name SALLY YATES. She was a career Department of Justice lawyer who became the acting US attorney general. But on January 30, 2017, she was abruptly fired by the president after she directed the Department of Justice not to defend his executive order restricting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries—the so-called “travel ban.” A few days before she was fired, she also notified the White House that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had apparently lied about potentially improper contacts with a Russian diplomat. Yates’ dismissal thrust her onto the national stage. Her calm defiance made her a hero to millions of Americans, as well as the object of criticism for many Trump supporters. In this episode, Yates discusses the rationale for why and how she stood up to President Trump.

Law and Justice

Crossing President Trump

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