William J. Antholis

Fast Facts

  • Former managing director at The Brookings Institution
  • Director of international economic affairs for the National Security Council in the Clinton Administration
  • Expertise on climate change, India, China, international economics, development, U.S. foreign policy

Areas Of Expertise

  • Foreign Affairs
  • Asia
  • Domestic Affairs
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Science and Technology
  • Economic Issues
  • Trade
  • Elections
  • Politics
  • The Presidency

William J. Antholis has served as director and CEO of UVA’s Miller Center of Public Affairs since January 2015. In that time, the Miller Center has strengthened its position as the leading nonpartisan research institution on the American presidency and worked with scholars across the University of Virginia to deliver vital research to policymakers and the public.

Miller Center initiatives have included the First Year Project 2017, the 2019 Presidential Ideas Festival, the completion and release of the George W. Bush Oral History project, the launch of the Barack Obama Oral History project, the Hillary Rodham Clinton Oral History project, the co-production of the PBS documentary Statecraft: The Bush 41 Team, the creation of The LBJ Telephone Tapes exhibit with the LBJ Library, and the COVID Commission Planning Group. The Miller Center has supported the work of the College of Arts and Sciences Democracy Initiative and partnered with the Karsh Institute of Democracy in developing and delivering Election 2020 and Its Aftermath, the UVA Democracy Biennial, and the Democracy Dialogues. Antholis also co-chaired the Presidential Inaugural Committee for President Jim Ryan’s installation in October 2018.

Before coming to the Miller Center, Antholis served as managing director at The Brookings Institution from 2004 to 2014. In that capacity, he worked directly with Brookings' president and vice presidents to help manage the full range of policy studies, develop new initiatives, coordinate research across programs while ensuring quality and independence, and strengthen the policy impact of Brookings’ work. Antholis is the author of Inside Out India and China: Local Politics Go Global (2013) and co-author (with Strobe Talbott) of Fast Forward: Ethics and Politics in the Age of Global Warming (2010). He has published articles, book chapters, and opinion pieces on U.S. politics, U.S. foreign policy, international organizations, the G8, climate change, and trade. From 1995 to 1999, Antholis served on the White House National Security Council and National Economic Council as well as at the State Department. From 1999-2004, he was director of studies and senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, an International Affairs Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and a visiting scholar at Princeton University. 

Antholis is an Archon of the Greek Orthodox Church and serves on the board of trustees of the American College of Greece and Titan Cement International.

Antholis earned his PhD from Yale University in politics (1993) and his BA degree with honors from the University of Virginia in government and foreign affairs (1986).


William J. Antholis News Feed

The question from Miller Center Director and CEO William Antholis was straightforward: Do the federal prosecutors investigating former President Donald J. Trump need to be sure of a conviction before moving ahead with indictments? Timothy J. Heaphy didn’t pause even a moment. “You don’t swing at the king unless you can knock him out,” Heaphy responded.
William Antholis UVA Today
Timothy J. Heaphy is a former U.S. attorney who served as chief investigative counsel for the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol. Heaphy discusses the investigation and the legacy of the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol with Miller Center Director and CEO, William Antholis.
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Join Judy Woodruff, PBS NewsHour senior correspondent and former anchor and managing editor, to explore a debate present at America's founding that still permeates our political, economic, and social life—can democracy and capitalism coexist? Jamelle Bouie, New York Times columnist and political analyst for CBS News; Sidney Milkis, the White Burkett Miller Professor of Governance and Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia; and Scott C. Miller, economic historian and research fellow for the Miller Center's Project on Democracy and Capitalism, examine the relationship between free markets and a free society—and how to balance the freedom and the well-being of American citizens.
William Antholis Miller Center Presents
At the one-year mark of Russia’s deadly war in Ukraine, the Miller Center partners with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the Virginia Film Festival for a screening of Ukraine: The Human Price of War, a series of short documentary films about the war. A panel including humanitarian and military experts from CSIS, a leader from the United States Agency for International Development, and a public health expert joining live from Ukraine together discuss the human consequences of the war for Ukrainians, the direction the conflict is heading, and the prospects for diplomacy moving forward.
William Antholis Miller Center Presents
This special discussion featuring Miller Center experts looking ahead to President Biden's State of the Union Address includes Miller Center Director William Antholis, Director of Presidential Studies Barbara Perry, and Senior Fellows Jennifer Lawless and Stephen D. Mull as they anticipate the challenges Biden faces in crafting this crucial speech compared to his predecessors.
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Via Zoom, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates joins Miller Center presidential scholars in-person at the Center to discuss the inner workings of the George W. Bush administration and the new book 43: Inside the George W. Bush Presidency. What was it like to be with the president on 9/11? Why did he push for "judicial restraint"? How did Bush make his presidency a continuation of his governorship in Texas?
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