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President Carter: The White House years


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December 14, 2018

Stuart Eizenstat, Russell Riley

Was Jimmy Carter an effective president or just a transitional leader between the controversy of Richard Nixon and the new vision offered by Ronald Reagan? How do Americans view him today? How do we judge his administration's work on energy, the Camp David Accords, the Iran hostage crisis, the Panama Canal, and Soviet escalation? The Miller Center's Russell Riley sits down for a conversation with Carter's Chief Domestic Policy Advisor Stuart Eizenstat about his new book President Carter: The White House Years. The New York Times' Peter baker wrote of Eizenstat's book: "Carter’s presidency has been held the string of missteps, the missed opportunities, and the two-dimensional image. He has Eizenstat to thank for seeking to free him from the chains of history and provide a fuller picture."