Miller Center Presents

New public events series

Continuing the Miller Center’s 40-year tradition of hosting prominent voices on national and global issues

bush on the phone
Domestic Affairs
Russell Riley
Josh Bolten, John Bridgeland, Barbara Perry
bush on the phone
Foreign Affairs
Margaret Warner
John Bellinger III, Eric Edelman, Frances Townsend, Michael Nelson
impeachment ticket to senate trial of Clinton
Barbara Perry
Melody Barnes, Chris Lu, Saikrishna Prakash, Philip Zelikow
graph hitting a person as it goes down
Economic Issues
David Leblang
David Wilcox
Abraham Lincoln
The Presidency
William Antholis
Sidney Blumenthal
Oliphant cartoon of President Reagan
Media and the Press
Michael Nelson
Mary Kate Cary, Kent Germany, Ken Hughes, Chris Lu, Chester Pach, Robert Strong, Philip Zelikow
a building bombed during war
Foreign Affairs
Ann Compton
Condoleezza Rice, Philip Zelikow
trump walking to marine one
The Presidency
John Dickerson, Max Stier, Mona Sutphen, Robert Bruner (moderator)
cargo ship
Yiorgos Allayannis, Dale Copeland, Amanda Sloat, John Owen (moderator)