Miller Center Presents

New public events series

Continuing the Miller Center’s 40-year tradition of hosting prominent voices on national and global issues

President Trump sits in the Oval Office
The Presidency
Sidney Milkis, Michael Nelson, Barbara Perry
Doctors preforming surgery in a dimly lit operating room
Guian McKee
Avik Roy
The Presidency
Barbara Perry
David Woolner
President Obama with a group of children, his arms outstretched
Race and Racism
Melody Barnes, Kevin Gaines, Lauretta Charlton
Barbara Perry
Melody Barnes
Anwar Sadat, President Carter, and Menachem Begin sign Camp David Accords
The Presidency
Stuart Eizenstat, Russell Riley
Nixon on the campaign trail
Domestic Affairs
Marc Selverstone, Guian McKee
Martin Luther King Jr. meeting with LBJ
Political Parties and Movements
Sidney Milkis, Daniel J. Tichenor, Nicole Hemmer