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New public events series

Continuing the Miller Center’s 40-year tradition of hosting prominent voices on national and global issues

Covid-19 vaccine packages
Jonathan Rodden, Richard C. Schragger, Miriam Seifter
Lyndon Johnson standing
The Presidency
Melody Barnes, Michael Beschloss, Brian Williams, Mark Lawrence
viktor orban dictator of Hungary
World Happenings
Anne Meng, Elizabeth Nugent, Bryn Rosenfeld
The Presidency
Michael Nelson, Barbara A. Perry, Russell Riley, Sean Theriault
Protesters in London with a sign that says 'Democracy must rule'
Domestic Affairs
Gretchen Helmke, Sanford Levinson, Kim L. Scheppele, Mila Versteeg
Shelley Capito and Tim Kaine side by side headshots
Shelley Moore Capito, Tim Kaine, Jim Ryan, Melody Barnes, Pilar Jimenez Larre Borges
Joe Biden signing a bill
The Presidency
Ann Compton, Ken Duberstein , Chris Lu, Janet Napolitano, Sean O’Keefe
Charles Robb speaking
Charles S. Robb, Lynda Johnson Robb, William Antholis, Barbara Perry
Donald Trump with hand waving
The Presidency
Robert Bauer Jack Goldsmith Kathryn Dunn Tenpas
Painting of George Washington and his cabinet
The Presidency
Lindsay Chervinsky, Chris Lu, Kathryn Dunn Tenpas