Race and Racism

White supremacy on trial

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September 24–25, 2021. Online and Charlottesville, VA

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July 22, 2021

Karen Dunn, Roberta Kaplan, Amy Spitalnick, Risa Goluboff, Micah Schwartzman, Ian Solomon

Four years after the deadly attack on the Charlottesville community, a landmark federal lawsuit against the white supremacists responsible is going to court. Integrity First for America—in partnership with a world-class legal team—is taking on the leaders of this violent movement. IFA’s Executive Director Amy Spitalnick, lead attorneys Roberta Kaplan and Karen Dunn, and UVA Law Dean Risa Goluboff will discuss the suit, Sines v. Kessler, and the process of holding extremists accountable. UVA Batten School's Ian Solomon and the Karsh Center's Micah Schwartzman will also offer remarks.