Presidents' Day: Trump and the American presidency

President Trump sits in the Oval Office

Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead

Presidents' Day: Trump and the American presidency

Sidney Milkis, Michael Nelson, Barbara Perry

Friday, February 22, 2019
11:00AM - 12:15PM (EST)
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Throughout history, the American presidency has evolved in myriad ways, influenced by the officeholder, as well as by varying social, economic, political, and international forces. As we commemorate Presidents' Day, join us for “Trump and the American Presidency,” a fascinating conversation with Miller Center scholars Sidney Milkis, Michael Nelson, and Barbara Perry. They will explore the historical evolution of the presidency, including an examination of President Trump’s first two years in office. 


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Friday, February 22, 2019
11:00AM - 12:15PM (EST)
The Miller Center
2201 Old Ivy Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Professor Sidney Milkis

Sidney Milkis

Milkis is the White Burkett Miller Professor of Governance and Foreign Affairs, Cavaliers' Distinguished Teaching Professor, and Professor of Politics. His research focuses on the American presidency, political parties and elections, social movements, and American political development. In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate students, he regularly gives public lectures on American politics and participates in programs for international scholars and high school teachers that probe the deep historical roots of contemporary developments in the United States. 

Professor Michael Nelson

Michael Nelson

Nelson is the Fulmer Professor of Political Science at Rhodes College. He has published multiple books, the most recent of which is Resilient America: Electing Nixon, Channeling Dissent, and Dividing Government (2014). Other recent books are The American Presidency: Origins and Development, 1776–2014, with Sidney Milkis (2015); The Presidency and the Political System, 10th ed. (2014); and The Elections of 2012 (2013). He has published numerous articles in scholarly journals such as the Journal of Politics and Political Science Quarterly and in periodicals such as Virginia Quarterly Review, the Claremont Review of Books, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. Although most of his articles have been about American politics and government, he also has written about C. S. Lewis, Frank Sinatra, Charles Dickens, Garrison Keillor, football, and baseball.

Barbara Perry

Barbara Perry

Perry is the Gerald L. Baliles Professor and Director of Presidential Studies at the University of Virginia's Miller Center, where she co-directs the Presidential Oral History Program. She has authored or edited 12 books on presidents, First Ladies, the Kennedy family, the Supreme Court, and civil rights and civil liberties. Professor Perry has conducted more than 100 interviews for the George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush Oral History Projects; researched the Bill Clinton Oral History Project interviews, and directed the Edward Kennedy Oral History Project. She served as a U.S. Supreme Court Fellow and has worked for both Republican and Democratic members of the Senate.