Internships in government service

Internships in government service

Giving students real-world public-policy experience through the Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows program

The Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows program exposes undergraduate UVA students to government work and its impact through 10-week, full-time, high-level internships with elected officials and agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. The program creates the opportunity for participants to become engaged citizens and develop an informed view of government service and operations.

Students submit applications through Handshake by typing the keywords “Leonard Schaeffer” into the search bar under "Jobs" in Handshake.

Students may apply for up to 3 of the 10 Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows in Government Service Internships. 

See the UVA Career Center’s website for more application details.

Have questions? Reach out to Alfred Reaves IV at

2023 fellows

Gloria Akol headshot

Gloria Akol

Class of 2025

Major: Foreign Affairs

Drew Barr headshot

Drew Barr

Class of 2024 

Major: Government

Minor: Entrepreneurship

Sean Frias headshot

Sean Frias

Class of 2024

Major: Commerce

Caleb Kuo headshot

Caleb Kuo

Class of 2026

Major: Government

Minor: Economics

Patrick Lambrecht headshot

Patrick Lambrecht

Class of 2025

Major: Global Security & Justice

Interests: Psychology

Eli le headshot

Eli Le

Class of 2024 

Major: Biology

Sofi Marrero headshot

Sofia Marrero

Class of 2024

Major: Global Development

Minor: Foreign Affairs

Christian Meloni headshot

Christian Meloni

Class of 2024

Major: Government

Sidney Seybold headshot

Sidney Seybold

Class of 2025

Major: History

Minor: Public Policy & Leadership

Nadia Varga headshot

Nadia Varga

Class of 2025 

Major: Global Security & Justice

2022 fellows

photograph of Cristin Choi

Cristin Choi

Class of 2023 

Major: Politics; Master of Public Policy

Interests: Peace Corps, U.S. Dept. of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps

photograph of Madeleine Frank

Madeleine Frank

Class of 2023 

Major: Political Philosophy, Policy and Law/History (double major)

Interests: Government benefit programs, political campaigns, student journalism, comedy performance

photograph of Seamus Gorman

Seamus Gorman

Class of 2023 

Major: Foreign Affairs/Russian Language and Literature (double major)

Interests: National security issues in the public sector, Russia, China, Jordan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Virginia

photograph of Alexandra Hubbard

Alexandra Hubbard

Class of 2024

Major: Youth and Social Innovation; Media Studies minor

Interests: UVA Arts Mentors, Students for Equity and Reform in Virginia, UVA Inter-Sorority Council Judiciary Board, school board elections

photograph of Eva Kretsinger-Walters

Eva Kretsinger-Walters

Class of 2024 

Major: Foreign Affairs/Public Policy and Leadership (double major)

Interests: U.S. Department of State, international development, sustainability, tech and education accessibility, Spanish language

photograph of Jeremy Odrich

Jeremy Odrich

Class of 2024 

Major: Government/Music (double major)

Interests: American legal system, jazz guitar

photograph of Terrell Pittman

Terrell Pittman

Class of 2025

Major: Sociology/African American Studies (double major)

Interests:Civil rights, social media, police accountability, legal scholarship, first-generation college students, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity

photograph of Ava Purcell

Ava Purcell

Class of 2023 

Major: Youth and Social Innovation; Master of Public Policy

Interests: Education policy, EdTech Evidence Exchange, Sensory Theater Endless Possibilities Virginia, Alpha Chi Omega

photograph of Lily Toruteva

Lily Toruteva

Class of 2023 

Major: Public Policy/Economics (double major); Philosophy/Social Entrepreneurship minors

Interests: U.S. Department of Commerce, Community Investment Collaborative, UVA Net Impact, Ashoka

photograph of Anthony Tran

Anthony Tran

Class of 2024 

Major: Government 

Interests: Legislative processes, empowering others, community involvement, youth soccer, Big Brother, UVA Men’s Leadership Project

2021 fellows

Vani Agarwal headshot

Vani Agarwal

Class of 2023
Major/Minor: Economics
Internship: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 

Lindsay Asmussen headshot

Lindsay Asmussen

Class of 2023
Major/Minor: Global Environment + Sustainability/Politics
Internship: U.S. Department of Energy

Julia Calland headshot

Julia Calland

Class of 2022
Major/Minor: Psychology/English
Internship: Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS) of the DOJ

Patty Edouard headshot

Patty Edouard

Class of 2022
Major/Minor: Biomedical Engineering 
Internship: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CMS CCIIO)

Skylar Jackman headshot

Skylar Jackman

Class of 2024
Major/Minor: Environmental Science and Environmental Thought & Practice (double major)
Internship: United States Department of Energy

Dana Korotovskikh headshot

Dana Korotovskikh

Class of 2023
Major/Minor: Statistics (Economics concentration)/French
Internship: Fluvanna County Economic Development

Valencia Lagbo headshot

Valencia Lagbo

Class of 2022
Major/Minor: Global Development Studies and Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
Internship: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Lauren O’Neil headshot

Lauren O’Neil

Class of 2023
Major/Minor: Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law/Public Policy and Sociology
Internship: Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch, Richmond, Virginia City Council 

Neeka Samimi headshot

Neeka Samimi

Class of 2023
Major/Minor: Politics/Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Environmental and Urban Planning
Internship: Arlington County Economic Independence Division

Rachel Smith headshot

Rachel Smith

Class of 2022
Major/Minor: Foreign Affairs and French (double major)
Internship: U.S. Trade and Development Agency

2020 fellows

Student Max Barte headshot

Max Barte

Class of 2022 
Internship: Arlington County Department of Human Services
What I learned: "I had to determine the best way to store and analyze data on the thousands of families requesting help."


Student Leah Erwin headshot

Leah Erwin

Class of 2021 
Internship: Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger
What I learned: "I worked drafting press releases, compiling news clips, tracking ongoing legislation."

Student Diana Gaiter headshot

Diana Gaiter

Class of 2021Master's in Public Policy, 2022 
Internship: Arlington County
What I learned: "As a biracial woman, I've always wanted to learn more about racial equity." 

William Gatchel's headshot

William Gatchel

Internship: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
What I learned: "I was able to meet and interact with deep sea biologists, paleontologists, paleo art experts, and many more."

Yixuan Liu's headshot

Yixuan Liu

Internship: Employee Rights Section of the Department of Justice
What I learned: "I wanted experience with civil rights law. The office culture was very close-knit. I expected government offices to be more formal and no-nonsense."

Justin May headshot

Justin May

Internship: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
What I learned: "A ton about the inner-workings of health insurance claims data, reinsurance regulations, and the functioning within a governmental division."

Ashley Staggers' headshot

Ashley Staggers

UVA's School of Education and Batten School
Internship: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, youth program 
What I learned: "I could impact young people on a national scale."

Mariah Tighe headshot

Mariah Tighe

Internship: Virginia State Police, Violent Crimes and Cold Cases Unit
What I learned: "I worked on a project investigating individuals to determine if they were alive, dead, or still missing."