Student Advisory Council

Student Advisory Council

The UVA Democracy Biennial appreciates the important contributions of these members of the undergraduate community

The Student Advisory Council consists of nine undergraduates working to help shape the UVA Democracy Biennial. They weigh in on topics such as speaker suggestions, ways to engage their peers, and raising awareness on Grounds for the event. As their main project, committee members will produce a video of short clips submitted by UVA students. The final product will be premiered at the Biennial in September 2021.


Camille Kielbasa headshot

Camille Kielbasa

Class of 2023

Major: Media studies

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Matthew Docalovich headshot

Matthew Docalovich

Class of 2024

Major: Politics

Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Gabrielle Jefferson headshot

Gabrielle Jefferson

Class of 2024

Major: Global Studies

Minor: Public Policy

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Adrian Mamaril headshot

Adrian Mamaril

Class of 2023

Major: Foreign Affairs

Minor: Data Analytics

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Gabriela Matheu headshot

Gabriela Matheu

Class of 2022

Major: Government

Minor: Spanish; Public Policy and Leadership

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Thomas Phillips headshot

Thomas Phillips

Class of 2024

Major: Government

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Lucy Resar headshot

Lucy Resar

Class of 2023

Major: Government

Minor: Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Iris Wu headshot

Iris Wu

Class of 2024

Major: Statistics and Government

Minor: German

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Katherine Zain headshot

Katherine Zain

Class of 2022

Major: Public Policy and Leadership; Sociology

Hometown: Alexandria, VA