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March 7, 2024: State of Union Address

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Joe Biden

March 07, 2024

Source The White House

With polls showing that voters are concerned about his age, President Joe Biden launches into his State of the Union Address with lots of energy and enthusiasm. He begins talking about attacks on democracy from home and abroad and urges Congress to send him a bipartisan national security bill to help fund Ukraine. He emphasizes his commitment to reproductive freedom and remarks on the political power of women. He then touts the economic rebound that has taken place during his presidency with the passage of legislation such as the Infrastructure Law and the CHIPS and Science Act. He touches on housing, education, increasing taxes on billionaires, reducing gun violence, and fighting climate change. President Biden ends by contrasting himself with his predecessor and outlining the future he sees for the United States--defending democracy, standing up for the middle class, and protecting our freedoms.

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March 7, 2024: State of Union Address


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