'Trafficking Data'

'Trafficking data: How China is winning the battle for digital sovereignty'

Our economy and our democracy may be falling behind, argues Miller Center C. K. Yen Professor Aynne Kokas in her new book


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What is China’s role in the vast technology space and how does it affect U.S.-China relations? China’s efforts to extend its cyber sovereignty in the United States build on how the U.S. tech landscape already exploits user data

'Trafficking Data' panel discussion


About the author

Aynne Kokas is the C. K. Yen Professor at the University of Virginia's Miller Center and an associate professor of media studies at UVA. Kokas’s research examines Sino-U.S. media and technology relations. She has testified before the Senate Finance Committee, House Foreign Affairs Committee, and the U.S. International Trade Commission. Her writing and commentary have appeared globally in more than 50 countries and 15 languages.

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