To end the Korean War? Peace on the Peninsula


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March 20, 2019

Byoung-Kon Jun, Jae-Jung Suh, Philip Zelikow

On March 20, nine delegates from the Korea Institute for National Unification (KINU) will come to the Miller Center to attend the inaugural KINU-UVA Joint Symposium on Korea. The KINU is the South Korean government think tank on the issues related to the unification of the two Koreas. In the symposium, two leading experts will address the aforementioned questions and more. UVA and Miller Center Professor Philip Zelikow, Professor Jae-Jung Suh from Japan (International Christian University), and KINU Vice President Byoung-Kon Jun will give the audience an update on the summit and their analysis. They will also add historical context and regional perspectives to help clarify the situation on the peninsula and Northeast Asia.