Secret White House Tapes

Meeting with C. W. Bayer—February 28, 1950

About this recording

  • C. W. Bayer
February 28, 1950
Recording begins as Eisenhower is talking about the atomic bomb . He says, "atomic
power is a new and terrifying way of destroying people." He feels that it has captured the
imagination of the public because of its ability to kill in large numbers, but he says that
people "get sick from exposure, die of colds, they're suffering too. Whoever invented the
automobile invented a way to kill 40,000 ofus every year, or 45,000." As the discussion
of atomic warfare continues, Eisenhower states that "You have no assurance in war that
the right side wins the war, therefore it's stupid." When Bayer asks whether Eisenhower's
political doctrine will be opposed to war, he tells Bayer "don't for minute believe that my
philosophy it will incorporate a completely pacifistic approach." They briefly discuss the
teachings of Christ in the New Testament on the subject of peace and the use of force.