Secret White House Tapes

Meeting with Clarence M. Malone—April 7, 1950

About this recording

  • Clarence M. Malone
April 7, 1950
Recording begins with conversation already in progress. Eisenhower asks Malone about
the Friends of the Land movement and they talk about an essay contest . Malone
apparently wants Eisenhower to address a group sometime in October. Eisenhower does
not want to commit to another speech and suggests that his brother Milton would make an
excellent choice instead . He says that Milton is "a figure in his own right, but on top of
that; he makes the best talk, Clarence, in this country . . . The man makes facts live, he
makes them glow really and I tell you, the effect of a talk from that fellow on a thing like
this, at a meeting like this would be really, really good."
The course of the conversation turns to Eisenhower's possible political ambition. He tells
Malone "we're right ahead of election time now and everybody is just trying to find in
every word I say a political meaning." He is not pleased with the situation and tells
Malone "So, you can see how I get awfully sensitive about these things." He complains
about a man named Simmons who in organizing a group called "American for
Eisenhower" has "picked the one title that, in my opinion, kills everything either way."
Much ofwhat Malone says during the conversation is unintelligible . The conversation
continues on a second belt.