Secret White House Tapes

Meeting with Roy Rutherford—April 29, 1950 (part 2)

About this recording

  • Roy Rutherford
April 29, 1950
The recording continues the conversation from the previous belt. Eisenhower is talking
about dialectic writing telling Rutherford to "never make the basis of, the only thing I'm
getting at, an expository or dialectic writing never make the basis of the story something
that the carping critic can defeat you on." Eisenhower commends Rutherford's writing
telling him that he is "doing a great job" showing what business has accomplished.
Rutherford states that there has to be some government regulation of business. To this
Eisenhower responds "that's the middle ofthe road theory of government which I claim
is correct."
Rutherford leads the conversation to a discussion of Eisenhower's military training and
his logical mind. Eisenhower tells him that he was "raised" by generals. He relates how
he was "exposed to the greatest soldier of our time, Fox Conner." He calls Conner "one
of the finest brains I ever knew" crediting him for teaching him a logical approach to
issues . Eisenhower remarks that George Moseley and Douglas MacArthur also believed
in logic .
Conversation returns to the earlier discussion of the National Association of
Manufacturers (NAM) . Eisenhower tells Rutherford that it will take decades for the
NAM to change the public's negative perceptions of the group. The recording becomes
more difficult to understand at this point, but Rutherford is asking Eisenhower for a letter
of introduction . Eisenhower tells him that he will write a note to the "old general".
Rutherford leaves and the recording ends.