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History of 1968, part II


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About this video

December 13, 2018

Hosted by Marc Selverstone, Guian McKee

Join us for an exciting new seminar on the late months of 1968—a time of political and civil unrest in the United States, marked by growing anti-war sentiment, flaring racial tensions, and a presidential election. Led by the Miller Center's Marc Selverstone, an expert on Vietnam and the Nixon and Lyndon Johnson administrations, and Guian McKee, a domestic-policy expert who has worked extensively on the 1960s and the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, the seminar will explore this turbulent time in American life. It will feature clips from the Miller Center's presidential recordings program and will foster a group discussion about this critical period in U.S. history—including a look at the Chicago Democratic convention, Nixon’s election that fall, and the presidential transition. (The first of these seminars, which was offered in April 2018, focused on Johnson’s key decisions regarding the Vietnam War, the devastating assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, and the president's decision not to seek reelection. You can watch that seminar here.)