Secret White House Tapes

Meeting with Dr. and Mrs Rudolph R. De Villiers—December 21, 1949

About this recording

  • Rudolph R. De Villiers
  • Mrs. Rudolph R. De Villiers
December 21, 1949
The conversation begins with Dr. and Mrs. De Villiers presenting Eisenhower with a
book on Switzerland. Eisenhower expresses his gratitude and remarks that he and Mrs.
Eisenhower enjoyed Switzerland very much. The conversation continues with
Eisenhower and De Villiers exchanging comments about Switzerland and Paris.
De Villiers then updates Eisenhower on the foundation that he established in memory of
his son who had died of leukemia. He tells Eisenhower that they want to "spare other
parents the grief we had known." The foundation had taken some American boys to
Switzerland, but De Villiers tells Eisenhower that one "made a lot of mischief." To this
Eisenhower replies "You know, I can't quite understand that in a boy who has been
carefully selected from a group . . ." They then talk about the research aspects ofthe
foundation followed by a lengthy discussion of De Villiers recent bout of pneumonia.