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Bill Clinton (1946– )

Portrait of Bill Clinton

Facts at a Glance

42nd President of the United States (1993–2001)
August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas
Full Name
William Jefferson Clinton
Georgetown University (1968), attended Oxford University (1968–1970), Yale Law School (1973)
Hillary Rodham on October 11, 1975
Chelsea Victoria (1980)
Lawyer, public official
Political Party
Putting People First (1992); Between Hope and History (1996)
A Life in Brief
William Jefferson Clinton, the young President from Hope, Arkansas, succeeded where no other Democrat had since FDR: he was reelected to a second term. Clinton also defied his critics by surviving an array of personal scandals, turning the greatest fiscal deficit in American history into a surplus, effectively using American force to stop the murderous "ethnic cleansing" wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, and presiding over the greatest level of economic prosperity since the early 1960s. More »

First Inaugural Address (January 20, 1993)

Presidential Speech Archive

Essays on Bill Clinton and His Administration

Bill Clinton
A Life in Brief
Life Before the Presidency
Campaigns and Elections
Domestic Affairs
Foreign Affairs
Life After the Presidency
Family Life
The American Franchise
Impact and Legacy
Key Events
First Lady
Hillary Clinton
Vice President
Albert Gore, Jr.
Secretary of State
Warren M. Christopher (1993–1997)
Madeleine Albright (1997–2001)
Secretary of Defense
Les Aspin (1993–1994)
William J. Perry (1994–1997)
William Cohen (1997–2001)
Secretary of the Interior
Bruce Babbitt (1993–2001)
Secretary of Commerce
Ronald Brown (1993–1996)
Michael Kantor (1996–1997)
William Daley (1997–2000)
Norman Y. Mineta (2000–2001)
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Donna Shalala (1993–2001)
Secretary of Energy
Hazel O'Leary (1993–1997)
Frederico Peña (1997–1998)
Bill Richardson (1998–2001)
Secretary of Veterans' Affairs
Jesse Brown (1993–1998)
Togo West (1998–2000)
Hershel Gober (2000–2001)
Secretary of the Treasury
Lloyd Bentsen (1993–1994)
Robert Rubin (1995–1999)
Lawrence Summers (1999–2001)
Attorney General
Janet Reno (1993–2001)
Secretary of Agriculture
Michael Espy (1993–1994)
Dan Glickman (1995–2001)
Secretary of Labor
Robert Reich (1993–1997)
Alexis Herman (1997–2001)
Secretary of Transportation
Frederico Peña (1993–1997)
Rodney Slater (1997–2001)
Secretary of Education
Richard Riley (1993–2001)
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Henry Cisneros (1993–1997)
Andrew Cuomo (1997–2001)

Consulting Editor: Russell L. Riley

Professor Riley is co-chair of the Presidential Oral History Program and project director of the William J. Clinton Presidential History Project. His writings include:

The Presidency and the Politics of Racial Inequality: Nation-Keeping from 1831–1965 (Columbia University Press, 1999)