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Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

Portrait of Calvin Coolidge

Facts at a Glance

30th President of the United States (1923–1929)
July 4, 1872, Plymouth Notch, Vermont
Full Name
John Calvin Coolidge
“Silent Cal”
Amherst College (graduated 1895)
October 4, 1905, to Grace Anna Goodhue (1879–1957)
John (1906–2000), Calvin (1908–1924)
Political Party
The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge (1929)
January 5, 1933, Northampton, Massachusetts
Plymouth Notch, Vermont
A Life in Brief
A quiet and somber man whose sour expression masked a dry wit, Calvin Coolidge was known as “Silent Cal.” After learning of his ascendancy to President on the death of Warren Harding in 1923, Coolidge was sworn in by his father, a justice of the peace, and promptly went back to bed. More »
Because of what America is and what America has done, a firmer courage, a higher hope, inspires the heart of all humanity.
March 4, 1925

Essays on Calvin Coolidge and His Administration

Calvin Coolidge
A Life in Brief
Life Before the Presidency
Campaigns and Elections
Domestic Affairs
Foreign Affairs
Life After the Presidency
Family Life
Impact and Legacy
Key Events
First Lady
Grace Coolidge
Vice President
Charles G. Dawes
Secretary of State
Charles E. Hughes (1923–1925)
Frank B. Kellogg (1925–1929)
Secretary of War
John W. Weeks (1921–1923)
Dwight F. Davis (1925–1929)
Postmaster General
Harry S. New (1923–1923)
Secretary of Agriculture
Henry C. Wallace (1921–1923)
Howard M. Gore (1924–1925)
William M. Jardine (1925–1929)
Secretary of Labor
James J. Davis (1921–1923)
Secretary of the Treasury
Andrew W. Mellon (1923–1929)
Attorney General
Harry M. Daugherty (1921–1923)
Harlan F. Stone (1924–1925)
John G. Sargent (1925–1929)
Secretary of the Interior
Hubert Work (1922–1923)
Roy O. West (1929–1929)
Secretary of Commerce
Herbert C. Hoover (1923–1928)
William F. Whiting (1928–1929)
Secretary of the Navy
Edwin Denby (1923–1924)
Curtis D. Wilbur (1924–1929)

Consulting Editor: David Greenberg

Professor Greenberg is a professor of history and of journalism and media studies at Rutgers University. His publications include:

Calvin Coolidge (Henry Holt and Company, 2006)

Presidential Doodles (Basic Books, 2006)

Nixon’s Shadow: The History of an Image (W.W. Norton, 2003)