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American President

Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln

Facts at a Glance

16th President of the United States (1861–1865)
February 12, 1809, Hardin (now Larue) County, Kentucky
Honest Abe”; “Illinois Rail-Splitter
No formal affiliation
November 4, 1842, to Mary Todd (1818–1882)
Robert Todd (1843–1926), Edward Baker (1846–1850), William Wallace (1850–1862), Thomas “Tad” (1853–1871)
Political Party
Whig; Republican
Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (8 vols., 1953–55), ed. by Roy P. Basler
April 15, 1865, Washington, D.C.
Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois
A Life in Brief
When Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860, seven slave states left the Union to form the Confederate States of America, and four more joined when hostilities began between the North and South. A bloody civil war then engulfed the nation as Lincoln vowed to preserve the Union, enforce the laws of the United States, and end the secession. More »
With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan...
March 4, 1865

Essays on Abraham Lincoln and His Administration

Abraham Lincoln
A Life in Brief
Life Before the Presidency
Campaigns and Elections
Domestic Affairs
Foreign Affairs
Death of the President
Family Life
The American Franchise
Impact and Legacy
Key Events
First Lady
Mary Lincoln
Vice President
Hannibal Hamlin (1861–1865)
Andrew Johnson (1865)
Secretary of State
William H. Seward (1861–1865)
Secretary of War
Simon Cameron (1861–1862)
Edwin M. Stanton (1862–1865)
Postmaster General
Montgomery Blair (1861–1864)
William Dennison (1864–1865)
Secretary of the Interior
Caleb B. Smith (1861–1863)
John P. Usher (1863–1865)
James Harlan (1865)
Secretary of the Treasury
Salmon P. Chase (1861–1864)
William P. Fessenden (1864–1865)
Hugh McCulloch (1865–1865)
Attorney General
Edward Bates (1861–1864)
James Speed (1864–1865)
Secretary of the Navy
Gideon Welles (1861–1865)

Consulting Editor: Michael Burlingame

Professor Burlingame is the May Buckley Sadowski ’19 Professor Emeritus of History at Connecticut College. His writings include:

Abraham Lincoln: A Life (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008)

With Lincoln in the White House: Letters, Memoranda And Other Writings Of John G. Nicolay, 1860–1865 (Southern Illinois University Press, 2006)

Lincoln Observed: Civil War Dispatches of Noah Brooks (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998)

Inside Lincoln’s White House: The Complete Civil War Diary of John Hay (Southern Illinois University Press, 1997)

The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln (University of Illinois Press, 1994)