Miller Center

William J. Clinton Presidential History Project

The Clinton Project was launched in 2001 as a collaborative effort between the Miller Center and the University of Arkansas Center for Oral and Visual History. The Arkansas Center, recently renamed the David and Barbara Pryor Center for Arkansas Oral and Visual History, specializes in the social, political, and cultural history of Arkansas and is compiling the oral history of Clinton's pre-presidential and post-presidential years. Our role is to compile the oral history of Clinton's presidency starting with the campaign of 1992. Drawing on the special strengths of each of these two centers, the Clinton Project promises to produce an oral history of greater breadth and depth than has been undertaken of any president or presidency to date.

The Clinton Presidential History Project involves an extensive program of in-depth oral history interviews with key individuals in and outside the White House during the Clinton years. To date we have held interviews with more than seventy individuals, among them Samuel Berger, Warren Christopher, Lloyd Cutler, Thomas Foley, John Hilley, Harold Ickes, Christopher Jennings, Mickey Kantor, Anthony Lake, Jack Lew, Mack McLarty, Roy Neel, Leon Panetta, John Podesta, Janet Reno, Alice Rivlin, Lawrence Stein, and Lawrence Summers.

Miller Center transcripts will be released after the interviews are completed several years hence. They will then be deposited at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, the Miller Center's Scripps Library in Charlottesville, and the Pryor Center for Arkansas Oral and Visual History in Fayetteville. A complete listing of the transcripts will appear on this web site at the time of release.


Respondent Position
Interviews not yet released.