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Nicole Hemmer is an expert on the history of American politics and media. As an assistant professor in presidential studies at the Miller Center, she works on a wide-ranging set of projects, both scholarly and public. She works in the Presidential Recordings program, focusing on the Nixon administration and its media relations. Her broader scholarship focuses on the history of conservatism and media. Her first book, Messengers of the Right, charts the history of conservative media activism in the United States, and her current work-in-progress is a history of conservatism in the 1990s.

Hemmer is also an active public intellectual, appearing frequently in print and on air. She is a contributing editor to US News & World Report, where she writes a weekly column on politics and history, and she also writes a syndicated columnist for Fairfax Media in Australia. She co-hosts and produces the popular history podcast Past Present. Her commentary on US politics has appeared in numerous national and international outlets, including the New York Times, Politico, Atlantic, New Republic, Vox, Los Angeles Times, and NPR’s Morning Edition. She provides regular analysis to Australian and American broadcast outlets, on both radio and television.

Hemmer holds an appointment as a research associate at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, where she was a postdoctoral fellow in 2011-12. She received her Ph.D. in U.S. history from Columbia University, and previously taught at the University of Miami. In 2015, she was a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Nicole Hemmer News Feed

“Can he bring Newsmax TV to the next level?” asked Nicole Hemmer, a contributing opinion editor at U.S. News & World Report and author of “Messengers From the Right,” a book about conservative media. “Newsmax TV isn't particularly well known, and none of its shows has much cachet. Perhaps bringing on Fox's former star could change that.”
Nicole Hemmer The Washington Post
Republican politicians “know that the Republican base is tuned in to conservative media and hearing these messages that the Mueller investigation is a sham, that this is a project of the ‘deep state’ to bring down the president,” says the Miller Center's Nicole Hemmer.
Nicole Hemmer Vox
As an assistant professor in presidential studies at the Miller Center, Nicole Hemmer knows a thing or two about history. Hemmer and her co-hosts, independent scholar Neil Young (no, not that Neil Young) and Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, an associate professor of history at the New School, bring their historical expertise to examine three topics each week at “Past Present.”
Nicole Hemmer UVA Today
NICOLE HEMMER: It started off as a single-issue media outlet promoting gun rights messaging to the millions of NRA members across the country.
FOLKENFLIK: Nicole Hemmer is a professor at the University of Virginia's Miller Center who has written widely on the history of conservative media. She says NRATV is evolving.
HEMMER: It has taken a turn to become a pretty pugilistic or militaristic partisan outlet in the sense that it's anti-immigrant, pro-policing, anti-Muslim in some cases, anti-black in other cases.
Nicole Hemmer NPR
Sean Hannity is exactly where he wants to be, despite the questions of conflicts of interest raised by the revelation this week that he is also a client of President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. His relationship with Trump is so tight that one presidential adviser says Hannity “basically has a desk” in the Oval Office.
Nicole Hemmer The Washington Post
Miller Center scholars are featured in a wide range of Virginia Festival of the Book events this week