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David Coleman is an Associate Professor who specializes on nuclear and defense policy, U.S.-European relations, and Cold War history.

Mr. Coleman teaches History Department courses on nuclear history and 1960s political history. He has just completed Real World Deterrence: The Making of International Nuclear Policy since 1945 (with Joseph Siracusa) and is working on an international history of the Berlin Crisis, 1958–1964. He has several articles forthcoming on nuclear policy in the early 1960s and U.S.-German relations.

Mr. Coleman joined the Miller Center in the fall of 1999 having completed his Ph.D. at the University of Queensland, Australia.

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Miller Center Projects

At the Miller Center, Coleman is Director of the Presidential Recordings Program, where he heads up the Kennedy project and leads the Program’s digital and web efforts. He was an associate editor the PRP’s first three volumes of the Kennedy transcripts as well as of the Norton concise edition of The Kennedy Tapes. He is co-editor of volumes 4 and 5 of the Kennedy series, which span the period from October 29, 1962, through early February 1963. He is also co-authoring (with Timothy Naftali) On the Fourteenth Day, a history of the Cuban Missile Crisis settlement.

Selected Publications

Real World Deterrence: The Making of International Nuclear Policy since 1945 (with Joseph Siracusa)

“Eisenhower and the Berlin Problem, 1953–1954.” Journal of Cold War Studies 2, 1 (Winter 2000): 3-34.

“The Missiles of November, December, January, February . . . : The Tactical Nuclear Missiles in Cuba.” (forthcoming)

“Deterrence,” in Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy, 2nd edition, edited by Alexander DeConde, Richard Dean Burns, and Fredrik Logevall. New York: Scribner’s, 2001, vol. 2, pp.463–76.

“A Berlin Crisis in Cuba?: The Nexus of the Berlin and Cuba Crises, 1962–63” Diplomatic History, (forthcoming).

“Scaling the Nuclear Ladder: Deterrence from Truman to Clinton.” Australian Journal of International Affairs 54, 3 (November 2000), 277–296.

Depression to Cold War (2002). (with Joseph Siracusa)

Course List

HIST 401: Living with the Bomb / Nuclear History

HIUS 401: Sixties in Stereo: The Kennedy Years

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